The Little Brain in the Heart

There is new evidence that the heart contains 40.000 specialized cells called ‘sensory neurites’. There is such a high concentration of these cells that the place where they are located is called the ‘little brain of the heart’. This heart brain thinks, remembers and learns independently from the ‘brain’s brain’.

We HUmans are all wired to tune the head-brain and the heart-brain in to each other, so they form a potent neural network. The result of this tuning is that we can tap the extraordinary potential of the heart’s wisdom, and have experiences that replicate the mystical experiences reported of an by highly evolved and enlightened human beings who have trained to ‘think from the heart’. The heart-brain has the ability to see and sense very different things than the head-brain can sense, and can give orders to the brain from that perspective. If humans’ head-brains responded to their hearts’ brains, what would the world look like? Chances are that there would be much less illness, more peace and more collaboration (which, it turns out, also is the main rule of conduct in nature, as opposed to the Darwinian theories – these are also in the process of being overthrown).

The interesting thing from my own perspective at this point in my life is, that I am presently studying acupuncture and delving deep into the roots of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In TCM, the role of the heart is that of the Emperor, who oversees and understands everything in the body and around us, our consciousness, our intuition and everything that pertains to these. It is the high seat of Shen, the soul that stands above and includes all our other souls (Hun, Yi, Zhi and Po). Orders to the body and brain/nervous system originate in the heart, and are relayed by the Pericardium system/meridian, which carries out the physical functions of the Heart as we know it in Western medicine.

In the Western books on TCM, we are told that it is diffcult for us to understand the function of the Heart as an organ and meridian in Chinese medicine, as it doesn’t coincide with our Western scientific viewpoints. No longer so, it seems. Although educational institutions and media are reluctant to spread the word at the moment, peer scientists are now accepting the above as a new theory, which will likely overthrow the way we understood the heart previously in Western science and medicine.

Another aspect of these findings regards how to contact the infinite wisdom of the heart’s brain. It has to do with placing your focus and full attention in the heart. And how you do this is by being inside your body with your awareness, specifically in the heart. One way of creating the right conditions for this, is breathing 5-5-5 (5 counts in, 5 pause, 5 out). The funny thing is, that I recommend this method for improving physiological coherence for people who are overextended or in other ways in need of ‘rewiring’.

I am certainly not the only one, aas we have a tendency to evolve in groups. There is a lot of simultaneous growing and awareness going on also now – different continents, different culture, different areas of expertise … all pointing in the same direction.

‘Exciting’ is an understatement.

Lastly, Shiatsu is expecially indicated to create focus inside the body, to attract awareness to the immense potential and wisdom of the corporeal self, which TCM sees as the link between Heaven and Earth. In a Shiatsu treatment, people experience (in their own words) ‘oneness, a place where their mind/thoughts can’t gather in their heads (another awareness takes over), their deep selves, total calm, contact with the body as an energetic system, recognition of a greater Truth, an energy circuit that connects everything’, etc … In my experience, Shiatsu creates a space where the heart-brain can speak, where we understand and capt its language – could it be a medium for tapping the heart-brain’s potential? To me it has clearly proved to be so in practice, but it is only in recent years that this knowledge can begin connecting with Western science.


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