All connected All equal

original text©Karen R.Zimmer

Today one of my clients came with an interesting thought. It goes like this: we’re all made up of the same stuff (Einstein already said we were made of the stuff of the stars…). We’re all connected. We need to get down from  our heads into our hearts, and there, in the depth of us, we can experience our resonance with All That Is.

Sometimes, disease reminds us of that and sends us (or keeps us) on our path(s). When we fall ill, even if it is a minor influenza, we’re forced to slow down, sometimes also to lie down. And watch the ceiling. While we watch the ceiling, we may think a lot of thoughts, and we may not. If we have a fever, we think less. We just are. So a fever can be a meditative state? In a way, yes. Because we can’t Do, we just have to Be.

In these moments, we can either sleep, or become philosophical.

For example, we can think of other people, who may well have caught the same bug. Through bugs, we are connected, What happens to one of us can happen to all. The same is true of thoughts and energy fields.

When we reach a critical mass of people who have similar thoughts, a similar vibrational field, it may suddenly become easier for many others to reach the same level of vibration. This is the role of Masters in our world. They heighten the frequency of our human population on this Earth. They make it possible for us to ‘ascend’.

What is interesting is, that disease, bacteria, vira, are just as equalizing, but in the other direction: they are some of the strongest nivellating agents we can find. In the time of Typhoid Mary, who worked as a cook for posh households, her latent typhus infection was passed on to all strata of society equally. The bug had no regard for the size of people’s wallets, and even the most expensive doctors were helpless. everyone was in the same boat.

At that moment, all were equal.

Maybe we should practice seeing this equality without being forced to it? Maybe we could ponder this Truth of our humanness, check the impulse to judge others, when they pass through life experiences which we are lucky enough to have avoided so far, and remember:

We are all equal. We are equal when we come out of the womb and when we die. we are naked just like the next baby. We leave the body just like our neighbor at the end of this existence. No one is worth more or less than the next person. We’re just at different points of our development as human beings. And that is all there is to it. Our hearts know it, when we say ‘Namaste’. When we recognize the sae spark of Divine Light in every person in front of us, and acknowledge it with a nod of the head.

You and me – we are One. How about that?

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